MyCM For Sellers

Our system is very flexible and allows sellers to create tags for sales that:

1) use our bar-coding system,

2) only accept manual tags, and

3) are able to accept other sale's tags, whether they have a barcoding system or not


Our system also provides specific benefits for sellers that allow you:

1) to sell with multiple sales in your area without retagging

2) to register for all of your MyCM sales in one location

3) to manage all of your sales in one place

4) to easily print Inventory reports for each sale

5) the flexibility to manage and print your items at your convenience

6) to easily print tax donation reports

7) to create tags for garage sales and for sales that except any tags (available for purchase starting at packages of $5.00)

Depending on your situation, either you are selling with a sale that is a MyCM partner or you are selling with a sale that does not use our software, choose a link to learn more.