Testimonials from both Owners and Sellers

Thank you for creating such a great program. I am super pleased with the system. It is so easy to use, and I get the most compliments on my tags from customers. MyCM has been such a blessing for my store. I am the world's worst when it comes to paperwork, and this program has been a life-saver.

- As We Grow - North Carolina


"My Consignment Manager is a tremendous tool for Sale Managers. It professionalizes the Sale and provides accountability and a clean reporting system for Sellers and Managers alike. The program is a must have!"

- K. Allen Roswell, GA


"Using this system was much faster and adds many benefits such as easier tracking ability of items, and made our lines at our sale much shorter. I am very pleased with the system."

- B. Eager (North Dallas Mothers of Multiples Consignment Sale)


"Your system is very easy to use. It saved me a lot of time. And as a Mom that is very important to me"

- M. Davis Cedar Park, TX.


"This was my first time selling with any Consignment Sale. Your System was extremely easy and we will continue to use it for every Consignment Sale."

- Cobb County Georgia Mom


"Thanks for always being there for us. Your level of customer service (especially to the "owners") is wonderful!"

- L. Smith North Carolina


"Many thanks for your excellent customer service."

- Seller - S. Becker


"I wanted to send you a brief note to let you know how happy I was with your software during my consignment sale. It stream lined the tagging, checkout and sellers' check issuing. My sellers and customers had nothing but great things to say about it. "

- Owner - Carrie Anne D. Georgia


"Just a quick note to say a big thank you for helping our sale be so successful this fall. We are a multiples club that rents space from 4 pm Friday to 4 pm Saturday so we need to get in, get set-up and Sell fast. We run the sale from 7-1 on Saturday and in those 6 hours we had over $52,000 in receipts for over 12,000 items and with the system's help had them processed to 187 sellers in record time (within a 1/2 hour of the sale closing). This is the first year that we did not need the 14+ volunteers we have sorting and counting cards in the back. On Saturday night I was able to reconcile and have the settlement sheets up by 8 am for the sellers' to see what sold.

Everyone in the club raved about how easy the system was to use and the buyers commented on how efficiently our sale was run.

Thanks again for a great system. "

- Marianne Sullivan


"I just wanted to tell you that I am loving the system! It has made my life easier already! Thanks for your help."

- Lisa - New Owner


"We wanted you to know that one of our consignors said that our POS system was much more "user friendly" than the system a local consignment franchises with. We like that!"

- J. Rash Oregon


"We finished the bookkeeping portion of the sale on Sunday night in about 15 minutes. No lie. We closed at 5:00 and had checks written by 6:30. I can't say thanks enough for all of your help."

- Misty North Carolona


"Your support has been fabulous, and your patience amazing! Thanks!"

- Karen


"We just want to make sure you guys know how much we love MyCM and we don't know what we'd do without it (nor do we want to find out!). We receive compliments all of the time about how organized our sale is and we know it's in large part, to how smoothly everything runs because of your software. Thank you so much for all of the time you and put into running MyCM."

- Tina T. Divine Consign-Texas


"I would like to start by telling you how much I love working with My Consignment Manager. I honestly think your system is FANTASTIC... and this season I only participated in consignments that either took MyCM or any kind of tags.

And by the way, I intend to write a big letter to xxx sale (a large sale in Atlanta) and beg them to start using your system... It would be so much easier for a lot of sellers and for her to reconcile her own sale.

I know you're working hard to make your system work every single time and you don't know how much I appreciate what you are doing to help sellers! "

Seller - R. Sandro - Georgia


"What fast and nice service! I did it!!"

- Seller - Brittany


"YAHOO!! That worked! I cannot thank you enough.

Is there someone I can email to let them know how pleased I was with your service? It is rare to deal with a company that is so responsive, and puts such a priority on customer satisfaction."

- Dorothy


"MyCM, our sellers have raved about the new tagging system and how easy it was. We had one seller in particular tell us that she has participated in sales in the past and decided not to do it anymore because it was too much trouble. When she realized that she had the option for online tagging she thought she would give it a try. Love it and will continue to participate with our sale soley from now on. If it had not been for our system, she would never have become a seller. "

- Sweet Repeats


Parkway Presbyterian Preschool and Kindergarten is so thrilled to have found MyCM! MyCM has saved us hours of manually entry and possible errors were eliminated. The software was very easy to use the support staff at MyCM is wonderful. Our sellers loved the entry and label print outs. Our checkouts ran very smoothly with the scanning of the bar-coded tags. We had our totals in a matter of minutes instead of days. We love MyCM and will continue using it. "

- Parkway PP&K - Georgia


"An email sent to the consignment owner that just switched to barcoding: Seller wrote: I would like to say when you first sent this [new requirement to have to barcode our tags online] I was not real thrilled. I waited to the last minute to make my list because I was sure I was not going to like this whole process. What a surprise!!! I loved it. Thanks for introducing this Grandmother to a new process. It was so easy. Thank you."

- Theresa


"MyCM has helped our Consignment sale grow. It has taken a lot of the human error out of the process and because of this, our consignors receive their money in a more timely and accurate manner. MyCM is very user friendly and our consignors are not afraid to use it, even ones with little computer experience. They have found that they can produce their tags quicker and more efficiently. They also love to be able to check what has sold and how much they have earned during the sale. We love the fact the you can do every thing online - register, get a drop off time, and volunteer to help. MyCM is great for everyone!"

- Cay Barton, Children's Minister, First United Methodist Church - Hendersonville, TN


"We received so many compliments from our shoppers about how quick and organized our sale was. I know a big part of the speed was because of our tags and our scanners at the registers. Everything moved quickly and even though the line got long there was little waiting."


"The sale has ended for the consignment sale that I had enrolled in.I really liked using this program or site or whatever you call it. Easy, easy, easy! I was so great! Thank you!

Your site is AWSOME!!! If the other sales used it and made it this easy, I might sale with them too. "

- Seller - J. Barton


"After introducing a seasonal consignment sale to my area, sellers were very receptive. They complemented how easy the process was and cannot wait until the next sale. I enjoyed using MCM and look forward to using it again for my next sale."

- Ownwer - D. Jones - Louisiana.


"I would not consider doing a consignment sale without the invaluable aid of My Consignment Manager. As a professional in the business, the service is first rate and the software quite user-friendly. Bar code scanning is an excellent use of technology applied to daily use. "

- T. Yarbrough


"My experience has been exceptional service and cooperation from MCM. Our sellers continue to speak of how user friendly your site is! We plan to continue to use your service for our future sales! You may use my comments."

- S. Williams - Georgia


"thanks for your prompt reply - even on a Saturday!"

- Seller - O. Jones


"I've enjoyed working with you. You are always there when we need you For help or questions. Some consignors are skeptical at first. Once they use your system once they say they will never go back. You have been a great help in the growing success of our sale! "

- C. Ernst - Church sale


"As for our consignors, we have received so many positive comments about the time savings when tagging items. We are at about 200, so we have 150 to go!! I finally sat down to work on some of my tagging and it really went fast! I am very pleased with what the software has done for us and am confident that we made the right decision!"

- L. Davis - Georgia


"Email from a seller to an owner - BTW - I LOVE the new tagging system!! It is Soooooooo easy,. I found myself going through my kids closets thinking, "Hmmmmmm, I don't think they will wear THIS again . . . " LOL"

- K. Hall - South Carolina


"My Consignment Manager has been The GreatKidsSale best asset besides our sellers. It provides us with vital information to be prepared for our receiving days of the inventory we can expect. It is user friendly for our sellers and they love the simplicity of the program and the fact that they can view what is selling during the sell!!! And from the owner side of the administrative nightmare, my consignment manager is the answer. It has cut our turn around time to process payments for our sellers by 75%."