Why Choose Us

MyCM delivers an innovative bar coding software system that manages the front end preparation and back end reconciliation for your sale. The MyCM system seamlessly integrates into your existing website and provides instant support for every aspect of your sale. Count on MyCM to take care of the details that are taking your time and focus away from growing your sale. Our system goes beyond barcodes and standard consignment software by offering real-time live support delivered by our dedicated team. We are your partner, working to ensure your goal of having a successful sale becomes a reality.

Why Choose MyCM?

The answer is for many reasons!


MyCM has created an intricate, unique, proven system that owners and sellers LOVE. There are many features you will not find anywhere else in one place. You will benefit from the ideas and creativity of 100's of owners around the county as we integrate their great ideas each season. You will be working with a company that will provide everything you need to be successful in using our system at your sale.

Imagine when your sale is finished, your work is finished. Owners love the simplicity and flexibility of MyCM and appreciate the live support team MyCM delivers during their critical sale week. MyCM frees up your time by seamlessly managing the mundane tasks of running your sale. MyCM can eliminate the countless hours you spend on the phone and sorting endless tags. Let MyCM take care of handling all of the tasks that can be automated, so that you can focus on marketing the sale, increasing revenues and the reason you began consigning in the first place: your family.


  • MyCM's system has been in the market the longest providing automated systems to seasonal consignment sale and store owners around the country since 2004
  • You can benefit from 100's of owner's ideas around the country as we integrate their great ideas every season
  • MyCM has been used across the nation at more than 5000 successful sales across the United States, Europe, and Mexico. We've developed a loyal owner and seller following


  • You will be working with a company that provides you with everything you need to know to be successful in using our system at your sale
  • Provides outstanding Customer Service throughout your sale, as well as ONCALL service during your sale week. We are also on-call with you when you schedule an appointment time for your training session
  • MyCM has created an intricate, unique, tested, proven system that owners and sellers LOVE
  • We are on-call for you during your sale week and extend our business hours until 10:00pm EST and over the weekend, as well. If you need us, you will get in touch with us. We want you to call us


  • We offer many exclusive features you won't find in other systems
  • We continue to provide new services, reports and features each season….many of which are not listed here - please contact us to learn more

    • Competitive, low cost solutions
    • Pay only for tagging sellers
    • The cost is free for sellers when an event is using our system


    • MyCM's flexible design can be tailored to fit the way you run your sale. Most of your specific requirements can be accommodated by our system: tag formats, seller #s, categories, sizes, plus many more
    • MyCM provides all of the automated services that you will need to automate your sale
    • MyCM was specifically designed to accommodate multi-season sales, a vital capability that supports your sale's exponential growth
    • BOTH Manual and Electronic tags are accepted into both systems
    • No more manual sorting and calculating of tags
    • Sellers often look for owners that use MyCM because they know and love the efficient and quick ways to enter in their items
    • Reusable tags - sellers can avoid retagging because our software accepts all tags: non-inventory, handwritten, and other barcoded tag, as well as tags from other sales
    • MyCM software provides the owner with a multitude of reports ranging from inventory counts to items sold per seller
    • Flexible Mailing Contact List - our mailing contact list is easy to manage and offers flexibility to edit and manage the information
    • Quickly print out address label for any of the 5 groups (sellers, volunteers, mailing list, new moms, vendors)
    • Simple to use email marketing tool for communicating to your sellers, volunteer base or potential buyers. Emailing features allows you to mass email and individually email directly from the reports - eliminates the need to pay for a separate email marketing tool
    • View sellers items - we allow you to view all of your sellers' items before they come into check-in
    • Flexibility with sale setup - Sale owners have the ability to allow sellers to choose their own number which allows a seller to have the same number at more than one sale or they can choose to assign numbers to the seller and edit them as needed
    • Integrated Reports - the reports are integrated with the email system and allow you to email directly from the reports making your job more efficient
    • We provide detailed manuals for you that will guide you on how to integrate our system into your sale procedures. We also provide tutorials for training and a presale trial, where you will schedule an appointment to train on the POS/STAR to make sure that you are 100% ready for your real sale


    • We can actually bring you sellers. We currently have sellers that communicate directly to us and the owners that they will only sell at sales that use the MyCM system. In areas where there are many sales, we actually bring new sellers to your sale because they are looking for new sales that use the MyCM system
    • The size of your sale will grow even with the same number of sellers. Your sellers will tag more items because they will have more time to tag with the time they save from using our system
    • Our Reputation proceeds us. You will soon learn that Word-of-Mouth is your best advertising - existing sellers will tell others participating that your sale could never be easier!

    Automate your sale with MyCM to improve your efficiency and grow your profits by utilizing our easy-to-use and flexible barcoding software.

    If you would like to learn more about automating your sale /store, visit our AUTOMATE with MyCM page.

    If you are ready to automate and would like to know more about how the MyCM software can integrate with your sale/store, visit our STREAMLINE with MyCM page.