Are you an Owner or a Sale Organizer for yourself or for another organization?

Our system will change your sale in many ways including: public perception, professionalism, seller's excitement about participating, organization, growth, and financial integrity, just to name a few. From the start, it was designed with the goal to make it easy for both you and your sellers. It is important to keep your sellers happy because that is the lifeline of your sale. If your sellers are happy, your sale will grow! Make sure you read our testimonials from sellers on how easy it is to use. They love it!

The MyCM System will save you hours of time by providing the software required to integrate and automate your sale. The MyCM System is extremely flexible and allows you to use the bar-coding system without having to change the way you want to run your sale. Most sale organizers, who do not utilize an automation system, will spend 10s to 100s of hours on the phone managing sellers, tagging, sorting tags, and working out volunteer and check-in shifts. We automate your work before and after the sale. We give you the gift of time so that you can focus on other aspects of running your event.

Whether you coordinate a seasonal consignment sale or own a consignment store, our system will become your best employee and tool for your sale or store.

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