THE Automation software for your seasonal consignment sale

So, you are involved in organizing a Seasonal Consignment Sale. How exciting! Especially now that you are looking to automate, it will really free up your time.

The MyCM software standard package includes three different software products that work seamlessly together:

  1. The Owner's online account allows you to efficiently manage your sellers, communicate with your sellers, and run all of the necessary reports
  2. The Sellers' online accounts provide tagging, inventory, reporting and unlimited tags for all your sellers
  3. The POS or STAR system is downloaded onto each computer and converts each computer to a ‘register’ in order to scan the sold items at the sale

Please read below for more details on each of the three software products you receive with your package.


(Includes the main features, optional features available):

The owner's online account will provide you with:

  • an email marketing tool and database. Email potential buyers, sellers and volunteers with the click of a mouse. Year round, the MyCM system is accessible for potential buyers and sellers to sign up in your database to receive emails and newsletters.
  • sale preferences you can create and manage: # of digits (3-6) for the seller number, the tag format (we have over 100 different tag formats), if you want your sellers numbers to be assigned or chosen by your seller, discount/donate options, start and end times for your registration, volunteer and check-in, etc.
  • a training session 3-4 weeks prior to the sale that will train you on the scanning system of your choice (POS or STAR System)
  • an online contract that your sellers must accept before they can register (optional)
  • attachments for your instant emails for both registration and new moms.
  • online registration in order to collect registration fees when sellers register (optional)
  • an email for both the owner and sellers when a seller registers
  • seller information you can view and manage in one location with multiple reporting capabilities, including the ability to view at a glance who has registered, tagged, chosen a volunteer or check-in shift
  • reports that are integrated with Email - the reports are integrated with the email system and allow you to email directly from the reports making your life easier
  • three predetermined distribution lists to quickly email your sellers, volunteers and new moms
  • sorts and queries for city, state, zip codes to learn where participants are coming from
  • volunteer and checkin schedules you can create and manage
  • extra reports including:
    • New moms
    • New sellers
    • Referrals - you can learn how your sellers heard about your sale
    • Inventory Counts by Category and Size - (real time inventory summary information available) - great tool for planning your sale's floor
    • Inventory Sold Counts by Category and Size - vital for learning what products are should or should not be sold at your sale
    • Volunteer and check in schedule reports
    • Buyers zip code report
  • reports to view sellers items before they come into check-in
  • a system that can scan your items in at check-in for a guaranteed item inventory (it is available, but not necessarily recommended)
  • a system that can scan in your donated items for a guaranteed list of items donated by seller, as well as marking those items as DONATED instead of UNSOLD.
  • a special items feature that creates one bar-coded tag for each high volume item without having to tag the items themselves. (i.e. Girl Scout cookies, coupon books, jewelry, hair bows, etc.)
  • taxable categories so you can assign different tax amounts to each category
  • credit card processing: you can use the system of your choice
  • various reporting flexibility with settlement reports (i.e. pDF, Excel, include, deduct money from seller's reports, differing % and registration fees for individual sellers, etc.)
  • address labels for any of the 5 groups (sellers, volunteers, mailing list, new moms, vendors)
  • training for the POS each season for all clients, not just the first sale; makes transitioning to new event managers very simple
  • manage and view history of all your sales from one account


The seller's online account will allow you to provide the sellers with the ability to:

  • online, seamless registration through your Sales' website with registration confirmation sent via email to the owner and seller
  • a simple to use tagging system with unlimited tags at no extra cost to them
  • the ability to tag more items, which will bring more profit to both the seller and the owner because they will have more time to tag more items
  • have items stored as soon as they are entered and do not need to be ‘SAVED'
  • enter in items 20 at a time, making the generation of 100's of tags possible in minutes
  • electronically transfer items from one sale to another OR from one season to another season
  • reuse their tags and avoid retagging because our software accepts all tags, non-inventory, handwritten, and other bar-coded tags (at the discretion of the owner)
  • print their tags from their home printer at anytime and in any combination they desire
  • print barcodes onto the tag itself - (NO tedious LABELS!) - from their home printer at anytime
  • store items for 18 months
  • print inventory sheets with a click of a button
  • choose their volunteer schedule and check in schedule directly from their account and receive an instant email confirmation for each one
  • project their Potential Sold Items Revenue and view their Actual Sold Items Revenue
  • view their sold items online and have their items marked sold in their inventory
  • print tax donation reports with a total at the bottom
  • receive their checks and final results of their profits more quickly


The POS or STAR system is downloaded onto each computer and converts each computer to a ‘register’ in order to scan the sold items at the sale

You can choose between the POS or the STAR. You will receive all of the same benefits with either system. The main difference is the location of where you scan in the tags and the amount of hardware required.


The POS System, our Point of Sale software allows you to scan in the tags at the Check- out Station. It is the most efficient software and should be the goal of all sales to use the POS System. The buyers will bring up their items to buy and the cashier will scan them in to receive a total. The system will provide change if cash is provided as tender. You can also reconcile your registers at the end of the night, handle taxable categories, returns, voids, and has more data collection reports available.


The POS System is best suited for:

  • New sales or existing sales with a small number of Check-out stations
  • Existing sales that can afford the number of computer/scanner combinations required. For example, If you require three (3) check-out stations, then you will need 3 computers and 3 scanners
  • a sale that can easily have a majority of your sellers willing to use the tagging system (A majority is not required, just recommended. We have had some sales use the POS with no one using the tagging system, please call us for more information if this applies to you)

If the POS System meets your needs, please click here to learn more about the POS System.


The STAR System, which is our basic Sorting, Tallying And Reports system, provides you the flexibility to scan the items during the sale or even after the sale has been completed. This system does not allow you to scan in at the register, but will actually be located in a back room or at your home. You will collect the tags at the register and then take them to the back room or home to scan them in. This software is especially advantageous for those sale owners who are established and have many checkout stations (ex: 10 check-out stations). Let's assume they cannot afford 10 computers and 10 scanners, so they opt to use the STAR and gradually grow their hardware inventory.


The STAR System is best suited for:

  • existing sales with a large number of Check-out stations and cannot afford the investment of computers and scanners to meet that requirement
  • a sale that cannot easily have a majority of your sellers willing to use the tagging system

If the STAR System meets your needs, please click here to learn more about the STAR System.

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