Selling with MyCM partner

How the Seller's accounts work when they sell with a sale that utilizes MyCM:

The list below consists of events that can occur from the perspective of a seller using the seller's online account. The list starts when a seller registers until the end of the sale.

As a seller, our system provides the ability to...

  • register online through the Sale's website at no extra cost (sellers may still need to pay normal registration fees required by the owner)
  • receive an instant email confirming your registration
  • simply login and click on one of the available tabs: enter items, volunteer schedule, check-in schedule, manage inventory, or print tags
  • view the screen and know what to do. If you have questions, you can click on any of the help tabs available throughout the site
  • select one or more volunteer shifts and receive an instant email regarding your selected date and time of the shift
  • select one check-in shift and receive an instant email regarding your selected date and time of the shift
  • tag quickly without the using the mouse - in addition, create 20 tags at a time with the click of a button
  • print your tags at anytime and in any combination you desire
  • manage your items and print out multiple reports for inventory or taxes
  • view your sold items after the owner has uploaded the information

What are the benefits to sellers?

  • Sellers only need to create a personal MyCM account once. Once sellers are in the MyCM system, they will simply just login to register for all future sales
  • There is no additional costs to use the tagging system for sellers that are selling with a sale that is using a MyCM system
  • Manage tags and items at your leisure
  • Simple tag creation, you can simple tab and type, no mouse is necessary
  • Saves you at least 50% of your time versus manually tagging
  • Saves time in typing if you sort by size and gender. By doing this, the system will remember all previously entered information and the only item that will need to change is the price and description
  • Entered items are stored as soon as they are entered and do not need to be ‘SAVED’
  • Enter in items 20 at a time, making the generation of 100's of tags possible in minutes
  • The system has the ability to let you bring your previously tagged tags to the sale (even if they were not created by MyCM). This feature is only available if the sale owner allows this benefit
  • Reuse your tags - electronically transfer items seamlessly from one sale to another OR from one season to another season
  • Print completed tags at home from your home printer
  • Print barcodes right out onto the tag itself - NO tedious LABELS!
  • Items are kept for 18 months
  • Print inventory sheets with a click of a button
  • Project your Potential Sold Items Revenue and your actual Sold Items Revenue
  • Print tax donation reports available with total amount of donation
  • Ability to track sold items online each day of the sale (if the Consignment has opted for this feature)
  • Allows for easier tagging for the sellers - allows time to tag more items, which will bring more profit to the seller because they will have more time to tag more items then before
  • Potentially, receive your checks and final results within hours of the end of the sale (or at least more quickly than before - subject to the discretion of the owner)

Click Here to register as a seller.