What are the benefits to owners using the MyCM STAR System?


  • MyCM automates the before and after work of the sale. Eliminates the 10s of hours of phone and email time working on others requested shift times. This allows the owner to focus on all of the other hands on requirements of running your event.
  • MyCM saves you 10s of hours eliminating work that can be automated - No more manual sorting and calculating of tags!
  • Reconciliation of seller's profits takes minutes instead of 10s of hours
  • Saving time means more time that you can spend with your family


  • If policies are followed, then the system can reduce missing tags due to not being calculated.
  • Automating your database management allows you to utilize MyCM as an email marketing tool instead of paying a separate service to mass email.


  • Streamlined Registration
  • Easy to use tag entering system; convenient and flexible
  • Simple tag entering system
  • Saves your sellers at least 50% of your time versus manually tagging
  • Reuse your tags - electronically transfer items seamlessly from one sale to another OR from one season to another season
  • Keeps sellers happy because they will have better tracking of their items
  • Print barcodes right out onto the tag itself - NO tedious LABELS!
  • Print inventory, tax, potential sold items revenue, actual SOLD items revenue reports easily
  • Allows for easier tagging for the sellers - allows time to tag more items, which will bring more profit to the seller because they will have more time to tag more items then before


  • MyCM functions as an email marketing tool. Email potential buyers, sellers and volunteers with the click of a mouse
  • Reduces seasonal consignment sale burnout


  • Because sellers can tag more items in less time, the owner and seller will both realize more profit from their efforts
  • MyCM software provides the owner with a multitude of reports ranging from inventory counts to items sold per seller. These reports will help to you plan your floor and marketing strategies.


  • Less volunteers required; can reallocate the volunteers to perform more valuable tasks
  • Saves time so you can focus on services for sellers and marketing for buyers


  • Whether you are bringing on new employees or handing off the position in a non-profit organization, transitioning responsibilities is a breeze with the new system.


  • Allows both manual (from other sales or handwritten tags) and bar-coded tags to be entered into the system. You can generate reports for sellers that have only handwritten tags
  • Hours upon hours of volunteer time is eliminated because there is no more sorting, tallying and calculating of tags
  • No need to return tags to the sellers (they already have them in their online account)
  • Great long term value for your investment and significantly cuts administrative costs
  • Your sellers will better trust how you run your sale, because you now have accurate sales' data
  • You can add sellers that are not registered online
  • You can include or deduct money to sellers reports