Benefits of using the MyCM POS System


  • Before the sale, owners can participate in a training session 3-4 weeks prior to the sale that will train them on the POS scanning system
  • Allows both manual (from other sales or handwritten tags) and barcoded tags to be entered into the system. You can generate reports for sellers that have only handwritten tags
  • Taxable Categories are available so that you can assign different tax amounts to each category
  • You can add sellers that are not registered online
  • You have cash, credit card and check fields to enter buyer's tender
  • Credit Card processing is very flexible, you can use any system that you like
  • You can create SPECIAL ITEM bar-coded tags for high volume items and not have to tag the items themselves (girl scout cookies, coupon books, jewelry, hairbows, etc.)
  • You can include or deduct money to sellers reports
  • Easily print inventory, tax, potential sold items revenue, actual SOLD items revenue, unsold items reports, etc.
  • No need to return tags to the sellers (they already have them in their online account)


  • Whether you are bringing on new employees or handing off the position in a non-profit organization, transitioning responsibilities is a breeze with the new system.
  • Training for the POS is provided each season for all clients, not just the first sale


  • MyCM saves you hours upon hours after the sale by eliminating work that can be automated - No more manual sorting, tallying and calculating of tags; taking only minutes instead of hours to reconcile
  • Saves time so you can focus on services for sellers and marketing for buyers
  • Reduces seasonal consignment sale burnout


  • Great long term value for your investment, significantly cuts administrative costs
  • Reduces cashier error by providing integrated checks and balances to minimize cashier errors; if the system is setup properly then there will rarely be mistakes by the cashiers
  • If policies are followed, then the system can reduce missing tags
  • Reconcile the registers each night, which will provide for financial integrity with your sale


  • Faster and more efficient check-out lines because of scanning
  • Your sellers will better trust how you run your sale, because you now have accurate sales' data
  • Your sellers will enjoy receiving their checks more quickly

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